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Precision Acoustics

Needle hydrophones range

Our high-performance needle hydrophone system consists of a range of interchangeable PVdF needle hydrophone probes, a submersible wide-band amplifier and a DC coupler.

The needle probes are available in a range of diameters from 0.04 mm to 4 mm, with film thickness ranging from 9 µm to 28 µm. Custom versions of hydrophones are available, such as right angle or side facing versions. Please contact us to discuss any special requirements you have.

The submersible preamplifier and DC coupler are required for all systems.

Learn more about how to choose a hydrophone in our tutorials.

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A waterproofed miniature broadband attenuator intended for use in the Precision Acoustics’ HP hydrophone system in order to extend the upper limit of detector dynamic range.

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dc coupler with power supply

DC coupler

Provides DC power to the submersible preamplifier whilst at the same time acting as an acoustic signal coupler between the preamplifier and the user’s measurement system (via a hydrophone booster amplifier, if used).

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hp1 needle preamplifier

Submersible preamplifier

The submersible preamplifier is an essential part of the hydrophone signal as it buffers the signal and provides a 50 Ω source. It connects either directly to an interchangeable probe (‘HP’ series), or, if required, via a 20 dB in-line attenuator (A20/1).

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Hydrophone selection questionnaire

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