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Precision Acoustics


Pressure measurement

A range of hydrophones for measuring pressure in ultrasound fields, covering acoustics parameters to meet the latest regulatory requirements needed for IEC62127-1, NEMA UD2 or FDA 510(k) submission.

Ultrasonic transducers

We produce customised PVdF or ceramic transducers tailored to your specific needs.

Acoustic materials

Our range of materials cover applications including anechoic test tank linings, radiation force balance (RFB) targets, transducer construction, and buoyancy modules.

Scanning tanks

Our ultrasound test tank systems are custom built to suit your requirements and additional features can be included.

Power measurement

Radiation force balances can be used to measure ultrasound power according to the IEC Standard 61161.

RF amplifiers

Amplification enhancements to the hydrophone measurement system and selected products that complement our ultrasound measurement equipment.

Piezo-electric materials

PVdF exhibits strong piezo- and pyro-electric response, and has an acoustic impedance much closer to water than conventional piezo-ceramic materials.


We supply a variety of accessories to complement our product range. These include, coupling cones, mounts, cables and search tubes.

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