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Precision Acoustics

Pressure measurement range

We offer a full range of hydrophones for the measurement of pressure in ultrasound fields. Our devices are used to measure the acoustics parameters required to meet the latest regulatory requirements needed for IEC62127-1, NEMA UD2 or FDA 510(k) submissions.

Needle hydrophones

Our high-performance needle hydrophone system consists of a range of interchangeable PVdF needle hydrophone probes, a submersible wide-band amplifier and a DC coupler.

Membrane hydrophones

Precision Acoustics’ manufactures high quality co-planar membrane hydrophones which have been developed to satisfy the stringent requirements of MHz ultrasound measurements.

Fibre-optic hydrophones

The best instrument available to measure close to the face of the ultrasound transducer, make CW measurements or to measure the acoustic pressure and associated thermal effects of a high-intensity field.

Underwater hydrophones

For sub MHz acoustic measurements, the piston hydrophone is designed for depths up to 5 m and the frequency range 100 kHz to 1 MHz. 

Cavitation sensors

The passive cavitation detector (PCD) is specifically designed to provide optimum signal to noise ratio when measuring cavitation induced acoustic signals.

Multi-element hydrophones

We have designed and fabricated a wide variety of multi-element sensors based upon our PVDF lamination technology.

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