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Precision Acoustics

Acoustic materials range

Our range of materials covers applications including anechoic test tank linings, Radiation Force Balance (RFB) targets, transducer construction, and buoyancy modules.

If you require assistance or more information, why not download our acoustic materials product selector – an easy guide which highlights the key differences between the products.

Low frequency anechoics

A selection of tiles that provide high levels of echo reduction and Insertion loss in the frequency range < 1.5 MHz

High frequency anechoics

These materials provide high levels of echo reduction and insertion loss in the frequency range 1 MHz to 20 MHz

Transducer backings

A high-performance composite material designed for transducer backings operating under elevated hydrostatic pressures at 200 kHz and above.


A range of lower loss materials that are impedance matched to water and are ideal for potting and encapsulating submerged sensors and systems.

Syntactic foams

Aptflex syntactic foam products are a glass sphere syntactic foam using a high performance epoxy resin as the polymeric binder.


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