Hydrophone Booster Amplifier

This amplifier is an optional item to compliment the basic Hydrophone Measurement System. It has been included in the HP Series to provide, when required, further amplification of the hydrophone signal.


Technical Specifications

Voltage Gain: 25dB minimum
Bandwidth: 50kHz to 125MHz +/-1.0dB
Maximum Output Level: 29dBm for 1dB compression (18.1V pk – pk into 50Ω load)
Input Impedance: Nominal 50Ω
Output Impedance: Nominal 50Ω (VSWR 2:1)
Output Noise Level: Typically 70µV pk – pk (bandwidth 125MHz)
Noise Figure: Typically 10dB
Phase: Non-inverting
Terminations: Input – BNC socket
Output – BNC socket
Power Requirements: 100/120/220/240V AC, 50 to 60Hz, 7.5W
Operating Temperature: 0 to 50°C
Size: (90mm x 205mm x 194mm)
Weight: 2.6kg

* Precision Acoustics reserves the right to change the specification without notice.

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