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Aptflex F36

The Aptflex F36 is a two-part mix kit version of the popular Aptflex F28 Acoustic tile.

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Aptflex F36 Inner Pack


NPL Technology Applied The Aptflex F36 is a two-part mix kit version of the popular Aptflex F28 Acoustic tile. It has the same acoustic properties as the tile but it suitable for casting into specific shapes or moulding around awkward surfaces.

It is supplied in a divided sachet and the contents can be mixed without exposure to the chemicals. Part A is solid at room temperature and the sachet must be warmed before use at 40°C for at least one hour. Once the chemicals are fully mixed the formulation is stable and the material is ready for use.

Technical Specification

 50-60°C5-6 hours
 80-90°C3-4 hours
Shelf Life (unopened sachets)12 months
Quantity200gms or 750gm sachets available
Density (kg/m3)1060
Specific gravity1.06

Tutorial on Mixing Acoustic Materials

Technical Specifications

Appearance Black
Density Part A 0.91g/ml
Density Part B 1.22g/ml
Mix Ratio 3.35:1 (By Weight A:B)
Cured Density 1.050g/ml
Initial Mixed Viscosity 50 poise at 25°C
Usable Life 25 minutes at 25°C
Gel Time 50 minutes at 25°C
Curing times*: 24-48 hours at 25°C over night 30°C 5 hours at 50°C 3 hours at 80°C
Hardness 80-85 Shore A
Tensile Strength 12MPa
Elongation at Break 300%

*Curing Times are temperature dependant. Precision Acoustics reserves the right to change the specification without notice.

The shelf-life of unopened containers is at least 12 months.


This product is subject to Dangerous Goods Movement control.

Please note this will typically incur an additional £270.00 surcharge for shipments outside the UK.