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Precision Acoustics

UMS test tank specification

Our ultrasound test tank systems are custom built to suit the end user’s requirements and additional features can be included.

If you have any specific questions about this product, please contact us.

ums test tank


Precision Acoustics ultrasound test tank systems are custom built to suit the end user’s requirements and additional features can be included. These links offer more details on UMS software and acoustic parameters, with these UMS downloads also available.


Motorised axesStandard systems have 3 motorised axes but we have made systems with 7 motorised axes. The axes are fitted with linear encoders to ensure repeatable positioning. Limit switches are fitted to all axes.
Scan step size / resolutionLinear encoders give positional accuracy and linear repeatability ± 0.006 mm over length of travel and system resolution 0.001 mm working speed 20 mm per second and fitted with user adjustable limit switch and emergency stop control.
System geometryUMS can be configured either “horizontally” or as a “shoot down” system for open back transducer testing.
Frequency range / maximum tank sizeFrequency range: this will depend on the physical size of the test tank and acoustic lining. Please contact us for accurate information on tank size requirements for your working frequency. Standard tanks are 1 m x 0.5 m x 0.5 m which are suitable for measurements in the range 0.5 MHz to 60 MHz. We have supplied tanks up to 3 m x 1.5 m x 1.5 m which are suitable for measurements above 50 kHz. Depending on the physical size of the water tank it can be bench mounted or positioned at a reasonable working height.
The supplied software integrates the stepper motor driven positioning system, oscilloscope and PC. It can be customised for individual clients but as supplied it allows the user to conduct linear and planar scans, store the digitised waveform and computates all the relevant acoustic parameters. Report generation and scripting enables output reports to be generated for any application.
Programming language All software is written in LabVIEW 2016 and later. We supply an executable version and the source code to enable the end user to make further developments.
Automates planar scanning routines The software integrates the positioning system, oscilloscope and PC for automated data capture and storage.
Data processing The included post processing software enables the calculation of standard acoustic reporting parameters from the acquired data.
Customised software We can customise the software for customer specific applications and equipment. The software integrates with Keysight Technologies oscilloscopes (DSO-X 3000 Series) but we can change the software to suit other oscilloscopes when required.

Optional Extras

UM3 downloads