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Precision Acoustics

PVdF research kit

Our research starter pack of PVdF.

This product is available to buy direct through our secure online shop.

pvdf student pack


Research pack of PVdF contains:

  • 2 pieces of 40 micron PVdF poled, golded on both surfaces, size 5 cm x 5 cm
  • 2 pieces of 80 micron PVdF poled, golded on both surfaces, size 5 cm x 5 cm

Typical Uses

  • Pressure or impact sensors
  • Strain gauge
  • Simple microphones
  • Acoustic pickups


General properties relevant to all samples. Quarter and half wave thickness resonance frequencies for PVdF film can be deduced from the acoustic velocity and the thickness of the film.

Density:1780 kg/m3
Longitudinal acoustic velocity:2250 m/s
Melting temperature:175 ºC
Curie temperature:205 ºC
Max operating temperature:70 ºC

40 µm and 80 µm PVdF

Metallisation:Approximately 250 nm Gold on top of 50 nm Chrome
Film orientation:Uni-axially oriented film
Poling method:Poled as continuous roll via corona discharge
Poling uniformitySome small-scale local variation
Approximate piezo coefficients:d31 = 27 pC/N, d32 = 5 pC/N, d33 =19.1 to 25.5 pC/N
Di-electric constant (relative permittivity):4-12