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New high performance composite material for transducers

18 May 2021

tbw650 fulltileWe have recently launched a new high-performance composite material designed for transducer backings operating under elevated hydrostatic pressures at 200 kHz and above – TBW650.

TBW650 is a two-phase acoustic composite material with high-density, rubbery inclusions embedded within a syntactic foam matrix. It has been designed specifically for use as a low-frequency transducer backing to minimise backing reflections, whilst being able to withstand elevated hydrostatic pressures.

TBW650 makes an ideal material for use as a transducer backing material in underwater acoustic transducers. Backing reflections are very effectively suppressed in only a few millimetres of material. For example, 10 mm of TBW650 introduces 60 dB of absorption at 300 kHz.

Find out more about the specification for TBW650 here.

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