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Precision Acoustics

Ultrasonic measurement training

Our regular hydrophone user course covers many aspects of ultrasonic measurement from hydrophone selection and measurement system specification through to detailed acoustic output measurements on diagnostic ultrasound equipment.

These one-day courses are designed to be very interactive.

Typically half the time is taken up with informal seminars, whilst the remainder of the day is spent putting the recently acquired knowledge to good practice in the laboratory.

“The course is clearly delivered by knowledgeable experts in the field of ultrasound measurement, who have a good understanding of both the theory and application of the subject matter. Lectures are reinforced by practical, hands-on sessions using large water baths. In addition to providing a good theoretical and practical foundation to ultrasound measurement, the course illustrates some of the problems the user may encounter in their work, and shows how to solve them. I for one, had never appreciated that the axis of emission for peak intensity of the ultrasound output may not be perpendicular to the emission face!”
UK hospital physicist

Guest lectures and seminars

We have visited companies to give seminars on aspects of acoustics that are of particular interest to the host organisation. Subjects covered include “the use of piezo acoustic materials”, “design of ultrasound transducers” as well as “how to make ultrasound measurements”. These seminars are the most cost effective way to ensure the maximum number of staff can attend.

It is a firmly held belief within Precision Acoustics that the responsibility of those involved within Physics (and ultrasonics in particular) is to promote the subject to the next generation of researchers. Creating enthusiasm at an early stage is an important factor in this process. For this reason, members of Precision Acoustics staff provide demonstration and tutorial sessions at some of the local secondary schools. Groups of AS level physics students have visited our premises to learn about piezo electricity and ultrasound. Classroom demonstrations of ultrasound and its effects have been particularly popular with the younger scientists.

Our commitment to education also extends into higher education, and members of our staff have been involved with tuition at a number of UK universities. Most recently, a full day seminar on ultrasonic transducer design and characterisation was held for a group of post-graduate researchers at University of Dundee and for the Electric Engineering School at Leeds University with others planned.

For further information, or to discuss particular training requirements, please email us or fill in the enquiry form below.

Paul Morris Precision Acoustic Presenting

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