Custom Sensor Development

Custom Sensor DevelpmentWith over a decade of experience of producing leading edge ultrasonic measurement products, Precision Acoustics is ideally placed to provide significant scientific and engineering expertise to customer projects.

If you have an ultrasonic design concept that needs to be developed and then manufactured, Precision Acoustic are able to assist.

A sample case study is presented to illustrate this.

Case Study 1: Short Range, High Resolution, Ultrasonic, Depth-gauge

A European start-up company had a novel application for ultrasonic technology that involved a high resolution, two-dimensional array. Each element of the array was capable of functioning as a short-range pulse/echo transducer for depth gauging. The intended outcome was a high resolution image of an irregular surface. In order to advance this concept beyond the research stage within a university, the company sought an industrial partner capable of moving the project on. Precision Acoustics became involved with the project to look specifically at the front-end ultrasonic sensor.

The product development process was based upon a high degree of interaction and co-operation between Precision Acoustics and the customer. The sensor development considered many aspects including: optimisation of backing material, preparation of high density sensor arrays, generation of short duration ultrasonic pulses and simple but reliable inter-connection methods. One of the critical factors in the success of this project has been the application of cutting edge electronic process to the ultrasonic sensor production. Precision Acoustic have just finished the first batch of pre-production arrays (with 4096 sensor) and have also produced some next generation devices with 16,384 sensors.