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Precision Acoustics

Webinars & Presentation

We are often asked to present on various subjects relative to our industry expertise, which you can see below.

Quantifying medical ultrasound: An introduction

In this webinar, Andrew Hurrell, BSc (Hons), PhD, provides an overview of why we need ultrasonic metrology, with an introduction to potential damage mechanism; discusses the various parameters we may want to measure, and what tools we may use for that purpose; and shares that all sensors are imperfect, and measurement accuracy arises from the ability to recognise, quantify, and correct for the limitations of your measurement tools.

Lone wolf to dream team: A journey into team-based development

Transitioning from a single LabVIEW developer to a development team is not easy, yet when approached correctly, it leads to more robust code. Currently, on this journey, Paul Morris from Precision Acoustics shares our experiences of using tools like Hg-Flow, UTF, JIRA, and DQMH as well as the philosophies of OOP and TDD along their way.

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