UMS Research

UMS Research is an automated scanning system designed to provide a cost-effective introduction to automated hydrophone measurement including the acquisition, display, storage and computation of 2D data.




2D Scanning Tanks

UMS Research provides a cost effective ultrasound measurement tank for academic and industrial researchers wishing to access automated hydrophone scanning.  Unlike UMS3, it only provides scanning in any 2 directions, although these are re-configurable to be XY, YZ or XZ combinations.

Maximum motorised travel range is 15 cm by 15 cm within a tank of dimensions 0.6 m (L) x 0.4 m (W) x 0.4 m (H)

UMS Research does not provide encoder feedback of hydrophone position nor can it be extended to provide additional axes of motion, or greater travel length.  If any of these facilities are required please consult the UMS 3 product details.

Scanning Tank FAQs

What acoustic parameters can I measure?

Our software was originally designed to measure the acoustic parameters which relate to ultrasound safety. All measurements rely on the measurements being made with a calibrated hydrophone.

If your application is not medical we can customise the software to display those parameters which are relevant to your work. Please contact us with your requirements.

Do I need to buy a new oscilloscope?

For measurements on diagnostic scanners we recommend an oscilloscope with sufficient bandwidth and high sampling rate.  The oscilloscope is an essential part of our system and we have designed our software around the Keysight Technologies (formerly Agilent) range of oscilloscopes. We usually supply an oscilloscope from the DSO-X 3000 series but we have configured the software for most oscilloscopes in this range.  There are also other scopes in the LeCroy and Tektronix ranges that are supported.   Please contact us if you have an non-Keysight Technologies oscilloscope to confirm whether it is supported.  Even if it is not we may be able to write additional software to extend support to your device

Do I need any water preparation?

The majority of acoustic measurements are made in water. However, whilst being cheap and readily available, tap water is not ideal for conducting acoustic measurements and should be conditioned before use in a test tank. For more information see our document on water treatment.

Typical Applications of UMS Research

  • Provides a cost-effective introduction to automated field mapping
  • Beam profiling in 2 axes only
  • Location of focal area.
  • Pressure mapping.
The UMS Research system in YZ configuration
The UMS Research system in YZ configuration
Adjustment clamps to allow re-configuration of UMS Research
Adjustment clamps to allow re-configuration of UMS Research

Ultrasound measurements rely on the ability to measure accurately the acoustic field. The UMS Research has two motorised axes (x,y,z) each capable of a 2.5 micron minimum step size. A custom UMS software application can be installed onto the PC of your choice to permit automated control of the motion hardware and to co-ordinate acquisition with works with a modern oscilloscope (not supplied with UMS Research)

Optional extras include a water conditioning system, hydrophone and transducer mounts. To simplify purchasing for our clients we can also supply all power amplifiers and function generators.

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