Signal Amplifier

This signal amplifier is an optional item to the basic Membrane Hydrophone Measurement System. It has been designed to reduce noise and amplify the signal from a Precision Acoustics UT series membrane hydrophone.


Signal Amplifier – Order Code MA2

All parameters quoted are at the Unity Gain setting i.e. GAIN OFF.

Technical Specifications

Bandwidth: 0.1MHz to 40MHz (3dB points)
Maximum Output Level: 1.5V pk – pk into 50Ω load
Voltage Gain: Unity or x 5
Input Impedance: Nominal 50Ω
Output Impedance: Nominal 50Ω
Output Noise Level: Typically 200uV pk – pk (bandwidth 200MHz)
Phase: Non-inverting
Terminations: Input – SMC socket
Output – BNC socket
Power Requirements: 100/120/220/240V ac, 50-60Hz
Operating Temperature: 0 to 50°C
Size: 250mm x 205mm x 115mm
Weight: 2.6kg

* Precision Acoustics reserves the right to change the specification without notice.

Warranty: membranes 12 months against defective product but not damage caused by user. If a warranty claim is made on devices that have been calibrated at NPL, London, a charge will be made for the used part of the calibration (e.g. in the event of failure of a membrane at three months the charge for recalibration at NPL is 25% of the calibration charge).

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