Differential Membrane 0.2mm

For high frequency ultrasound pressure measurements, where the minimisation of spatial averaging is important, this membrane is recommended.


16 micron 0.2mm Membrane Hydrophone – Order Code D1602

12 micron 0.2mm Membrane Hydrophone – Order Code D1202

This hydrophone must be used in deionised water. It is supplied with its own power supply and has a 50 Ohm output.

Technical Specifications

Output Impedance: 50 Ohms
Sensor Material: Single layer of 16 or 12 micron thick gold PVdF film
Mounting Ring Dimensions: 100mm diameter 10mm thick
Membrane Diameter: 80mm
Cable: 1.5m long, 5mm diameter, bespoke multi-core cable and connector which connects to the dedicated power supply
Active Sensor Diameter: 0.2mm
Typical Sensitivity: 150 mV/MPa averaged in the range 2-20MHz (D1602)
110 mV/MPa averaged in the range 2-20MHz (D1202)
Sensitivity Tolerance: Sensitivity variation between individual membranes is approximately +/-3dB
Typical Frequency Response: Flat (+/-2dB): over the range 1-60MHz

* Precision Acoustics reserves the right to change the specification without notice. Warranty: membranes 12 months against defective product but not damage caused by user. If a warranty claim is made on devices that have been calibrated at NPL, London, a charge will be made for the used part of the calibration (e.g. in the event of failure of a membrane at three months the charge for recalibration at NPL is 25% of the calibration charge).

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