Aptflex F3S

Aptflex F3S is a two-part, high performance encapsulation material. It is very tough and durable with an acoustic wave speed and similar to that of seawater.



Aptflex F3S is a two-part, high performance encapsulation material.  It is the toughest and most durable encapsulant material in the range from Precision Acoustics Ltd.  It has excellent hydrolytic stability and an acoustic wave speed similar to that of seawater.  It has slightly higher absorption and is less flexible than other encapsulants.

These properties make Aptflex F3S an ideal system for hydrophone potting, marine encapsulation applications or as an acoustic window.

Aptflex F3S is particularly useful where the component being potted may be subject to abrasion since it is more capable of withstanding such wear than our other encapsulants.

Key Features

  • Flexibility and resistance to temperature extremes of -50°C to 100°C
  • Low moisture sensitivity during the cure phase
  • Excellent hydrolytic stability
  • Excellent electrical insulation properties
  • Acoustic wave speed similar to that of seawater
  • Moderate transmission loss and ultrasonic absorption

Technical Specifications

Appearance Natural (Straw colour)
Density Part A 1.05g/ml
Density Part B 1.01g/ml
Mix Ratio 7.3:1 (By Weight A:B)
Cured Density 1.04g/ml
Initial Mixed Viscosity 70 poise at 25°C
Usable Life 25 minutes at 25°C
Gel Time 50 minutes at 25°C
Curing times: 24-48 hours at 25°C
over night 30°C
6 hours at 50°C
4 hours at 80°C
Hardness 75-80 Shore A
Tensile Strength 8.6MPa
Elongation at Break 1000%

 Precision Acoustics reserves the right to change the specification without notice

The shelf-life of unopened sachets is at least 12 months.


This product is subject to Dangerous Goods Movement control.

Please note this will typically incur an additional £250.00 surcharge for shipments outside the UK.

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