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Precision Acoustics

Aptile SF5048

The Apltile SF5048 is a single-ply absorber with a structured surface designed by NPL.

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Apltile SF5048


NPL Technology Applied

Structured absorbing lining for low frequency ultrasonic test tanks

The performance has been optimised for the frequency range 20-200 kHz and it is intended for large-scale applications such as linings for ultrasonic test tanks.

Key features

  • Based on a polyurethane rubber material
  • Single ply with structured surface to reduce the acoustic reflections
  • Thickness of tile: 50 mm
  • Tile dimensions: 600 mm by 600 mm
  • Density of 2.1 gm/ml +/–0.030
  • Weight of each tile 35 kg

Acoustic specifications

Insertion Loss (IL)

This limits or affects the performance at low frequencies, as IL goes down with frequency. At 100 kHz, the single-pass insertion loss of a 50 mm thick layer of the material is 50 dB, which means that the double pass (where the wave which goes through the tile, bounces off the tank wall & comes back out) is 100 dB

The insertion loss increases rapidly with frequency in the following way: 20 kHz 15 dB single pass; 100 kHz: 50 dB single pass; 200 kHz: 80 dB single pass.

Echo-reduction (ER)

This limits or affects the performance of the tank-wall lining. Below 200kHz, the ER is better than -30 dB.