Apltile SF5048

The Apltile SF5048 is a single-ply absorber with a structured surface designed by NPL.



Structured Absorbing Lining for Low Frequency Ultrasonic Test Tanks

(formerly known as S5048)

NPL Technology AppliedThe performance has been optimised for the frequency range 20-200 kHz and it is intended for large-scale applications such as linings for ultrasonic test tanks.

Key Features

  • based on a polyurethane rubber material
  • single ply with structured surface to reduce the acoustic reflections
  • thickness of tile: 50mm
  • tile dimensions: 600 mm by 600 mm
  • density of 2.1gm/ml +/–0.030
  • weight of each tile 35kg

Acoustic Specifications

Transmission Loss (TL)

This limits or affects the performance at low frequencies, as TL goes down with frequency. At 100 kHz, the single-pass transmission loss of a 50mm thick layer of the material is 50 dB, which means that the double pass (where the wave which goes through the tile, bounces off the tank wall & comes back out) is 100 dB

The transmission loss increases rapidly with frequency in the following way: 20kHz 15 dB single pass; 100 kHz: 50 dB single pass; 200 kHz: 80 dB single pass.

Echo-reduction (ER)

This limits or affects the performance of the tank-wall lining. Below 200kHz, the ER is better than -30 dB.

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