Director and Senior Staff

Gary Livingstone, Managing Director – Has a strong engineering and commercial focus skill-set to ensure the continued development and success of Precision Acoustics. Gary joined in May 2015 following the retirement of Terri Gill.

Dr Andrew Hurrell, Principal Research Physicist – Holds a PhD in Underwater Acoustics and a BSc (Hons) in Physics with Modern Acoustics. He has been with Precision Acoustics since 1997 and prior to that worked in Defence Research. His core competences include the processing of piezo-polymer and piezo-ceramic materials, acoustic measurements and numerical modelling. He also represents the UK national interest on the IEC standards committee TC87.

Dr. Paul Morris, Principal Development Engineer – Has a PhD based on fibre optic hydrophones from University College London. He joined Precision Acoustics in 2008 on secondment from UCL and became a full staff member in April 2009. Paul is a certified LabView architect and in addition to his work with the fibre-optic hydrophone has responsibility for all products which require software control.

David Bell, Senior Research Physicist – Has a BSc (Hons) in Physics with Geophysics from Bath University and an MSc in Remote Sensing from London University in 1985. He worked as a software engineer within the Defence industry before joining the Royal Marsden Hospital as an Ultrasound Medical Physicist with responsibility for quality assurance, clinical support and research. He joined Precision Acoustics in 2001 as a physicist with particular responsibility for acoustic calibration and measurement.