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2 & 4mm diameter probes introduced to our needle hydrophone range

10 September 2015

We are pleased to announced that we have expanded our pressure measurement range with new 2 mm and 4 mm diameter needle hydrophones that have been designed to provide much higher sensitivity at frequencies below 1 MHz.

needle hydrophone range - 2 and 4mmAlthough primarily aimed at applications such as underwater acoustics and characterisation of low frequency transducers, the new probes also suit frequencies above 1 MHz where very weak signals need to be measured.

The frequency range is sufficiently broad that the new 4mm hydrophone has been calibrated from 30 kHz to 40 MHz by NPL (London).

The new needle hydrophones are designed to be used with the HP Submersible preamplifier that provides immediate signal buffering and acts as a precision 50 Ohm source for Precision Acoustics’ high performance hydrophone system. The larger active areas of these devices provides much greater sensitivity (7V/MPa for the 4mm probe, 2.5 V/MPa for the 2mm probe). As a result these new devices have a lower noise equivalent pressure than the existing range of plug-in interchangeable probes that have diameters from 40 microns to 1 mm.

These hydrophones can also be used conjunction with the A20 in-line attenuator to permit the measurement of higher amplitude signal whilst minimising the risk of preamplifier overload.

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