New Ultrasound Sensors for Improved Breast Cancer Screening

The first prototype ultrasound sensors for a new improved breast screening technique have been manufactured by Precision Acoustics.

The proposed breast screening system

The proposed breast screening system
(Image courtesy of Designworks)

The prototype pyroelectric sensors are currently being tested and optimised at NPL. Next, the team will develop the units into a breast screening system ready for clinical evaluation. The system will then be deployed at the Bristol Breast Care Centre Service (NBT) for clinical evaluation on a small number of patients, providing the potential for an accurate, safe and comfortable method of screening for breast cancer.

The complete project is part of an Innovate UK funded collaboration between the National Physical Laboratory (NPL), University Hospitals Bristol (UHB), North Bristol NHS Trust (NBT), Precision Acoustics Ltd and Designworks.

The team is now looking for commercial partners to translate the novel development into a clinical device.

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