CW Ultrasound Check Source

Developed as a cost-effective route to providing traceability to National Measurement Standards.



Traceable measurement of the acoustic power output of ultrasonic diagnostic and therapeutic equipment is essential for compliance with regulatory, safety and quality standards. To meet this need, the calibration of measuring equipment such as radiation force balances and power meters should be checked regularly against reference standards.

The CW Check Source has been developed as a cost-effective route to providing traceability to National Measurement Standards. It has been designed to produce a known acoustic output power at two discrete frequencies in the diagnostic and lower-end therapeutic levels.

PLEASE NOTE – Temporarily unavailable until June 2017

Key Features

  • Up to two discrete frequency outputs.
  • Simple to use.
  • Robust and portable.
  • Very stable.
  • Output power selectable: 10mW, 100mW or 1W.
  • Calibration traceable to National Measurement Standards.

Technical Specifications

Excitation Up tp two continuous-wave outputs at specified frequencies
Transducers One or two transducers selected from 1, 2, 3.5, 5, 7 or 10MHz
All 19mm diameter except for 1MHz which is 23mm diameter.
Nominal power output 20mW, 100mW and 500mW – front-panel selected.
Stability Power output stable to better than+/- 2.5% during 1000 hours of use
Calibration accuracy Supply voltage 80V to 250V, 50Hz to 60Hz, universal
Electrical input +/- 7% as standard (see Option 1 or Option 2 below)
Environmental Recommended normal operating temperature range 19°C to 25°C. Conforms to BS electrical safety standards and EMC regulations – CE Marking

*Precision Acoustics reserves the right to change the specification without notice.


The Check Source is supplied with calibration of the transducers against the NPL Primary Standard. Calibration of power output against the NPL primary standard radiation force balance – accuracy = +/-4% (95% confidence). Full characterisation of the transmitted ultrasound field at 100mW in accordance with IEC 61157 (1993) is also available, if required. Re-calibration against national measurement standards is recommended at least annually.

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