Aptflex F41 Acoustic Putty

A two-component, high performance, polyurethane sealant with acoustic absorption properties.



This two part mix acoustic putty from Acoustic Polymers has been developed to ensure that the joins between acoustic tiles can be sealed. This will to prevent water ingression behind the tile.

Aptflex F41 is a two-component, high performance, polyurethane sealant with acoustic absorption properties. Acoustically, the material has a high void fraction and is therefore very absorbing.

Typical Applications

  • Gap filler for test tank lining
  • Directly applied acoustic absorber for vertical or inclined surfaces
  • Bedding/mounting compound for sensitive devices
  • Acoustic adhesive
  • Acoustic repair compound

Using innovative chemically induced thixotropy, the mixed product takes the form of a sealant that exhibits remarkable ‘non-sag’ properties facilitating direct application to vertical or inclined surfaces. When mixed, the material can be ‘piped’, beaded or plastered, into place without sagging.

In cured form, the material is a touch resilient rubber with excellent hydrolytic stability.

Typical Properties

Appearance Blue
Mix Ratio by Weight 1.28:1.0 (A:B)
Sealant Rheology developed 2-3 minutes
Usable Life 20 minutes
Shore A Hardness 85+/-3
Cure 48 hours at 25°C
Density 0.85g/ml


Following evaluation, if it is found necessary to improve the adhesion of Aptflex F41 to certain substrates, then a primer is recommended. We can provide a suitable primer on request.


Polymer sachets stored between 10°C and 25°C have a shelf life of at least 12 months providing the aluminium outer has not been removed or damaged.

Bulk material stored in original unopened containers will also have a shelf life of at least 12 months.


This product is subject to Dangerous Goods Movement control.

Please note this will typically incur an additional £250.00 surcharge for shipments outside the UK.

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