Aptbond B3 Primer

Aptbond B3 is a single-part priming agent for use in bonding cast polyurethane elastomers to metal substrates at low processing temperatures.



The chemistry and formulating detail produce excellent affinity to a wide range of metallic, ceramic and polymeric substrates.

Method Of Use

  • Use only in well ventilated areas.
  • The key to the success of any bonding procedure is the care taken over substrate preparation.
  • Degrease the substrate with acetone or other suitable solvent.
  • Roughen the surface by abrasion or preferably grit blasting.
  • Finally, wipe again with clean solvent to remove any loose debris or dust from the surface after abrasion.
  • The primer is best applied by brushing. One thin coat is usually sufficient.
  • If required the primer may be diluted up to 50% by volume using M.E.K. or Toluene.
  • After application, the primer should be left to dry for a minimum of one hour before over-casting with polyurethane.
  • In a controlled environment, the primer will remain active for a period of 72 hours.
  • Full bond potential will be developed after a period of seven days.
  • It is strongly recommended that customers conduct their own preliminary trials to assess performance and suitability of the product.


Store between 15°C and 25°C in tightly lidded containers. Avoid prolonged exposure to air when not in use.

All information is based on results gained from experience and tests, and is believed to be accurate but is given without acceptance of liability for loss or damage attributable to reliance thereon as conditions of use lie outside the control of Precision Acoustics.


This product is subject to Dangerous Goods Movement control.

Please note this will typically incur an additional £250.00 surcharge for shipments outside the UK.

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